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Budget Mild Steel Pole

Need a permanent and cost-effective solution to install a windsock? Look no further than our robust yet affordable Budget Mild Steel Pole. This pole and swivel arm is manufactured from galvanised mild steel, offering strength and protection against weather damage and corrosion.

Budget Mild Steel Pole

As with all of our poles, this pole features a hinged steel baseplate allowing it to be tilted down to the ground for easy windsock installation and replacement. The top of the pole includes a robust swivel arm which allows the windsock freedom of movement to respond to the prevailing wind conditions.

Budget Mild Steel Pole Installation Options

Seven different heights are available with this steel pole, so please select your height requirement when ordering. You also need to let us know whether you intend to use the pole with a windsock above or below 7ft in length, so we can supply the correct swivel arm.

The Budget Mild Steel Pole needs to be secured to the ground via a concrete foundation (concrete not supplied) and must therefore be installed by a qualified contractor or builder. Three foundation bolts (supplied) fully secure the pole to the concrete base. The depth of the concrete base is dependent on pole height (see below table). The recommended concrete density for normal to heavy wind conditions is C35.

Budget Mild Steel Pole (folding)

Available Sizes for Budget Mild Steel Poles:

Pole Height Required Concrete Depth
3m 80cm
4m 80cm
5m 80cm
6m 80cm
8m 100cm
10m 120cm
12m 140cm


Extras and Delivery

Please note that this pole does not come with a windsock as standard, this needs to be ordered separately. If you also require a windsock at the same time as the pole, you can save 50% off the price by buying together. Browse our range of windsocks to find the most suitable size and model for your application.

Our poles are made to order and manufactured in the UK. Lead time is usually around seven working days from ordering, but let us know if you’re in a hurry!