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Falcon Lace-On Windsock

The Falcon Lace-On Windsock in florescent orange is specifically designed to be attached to a swivel cage. Available in five different sizes, this industry standard lace-on windsock is designed for durability and resilience, making it suitable for professional aviation and industrial use.

The Falcon Lace-On Windsock itself is manufactured from 200gsm polyurethane coated polyester to EN471-2003 and offers water resistance to EN343 standards. This means it is suitable for use in harsh weather conditions, and also offers protection against tears and weather-related damage. The fabric is designed to be attached to a swivel cage with electrical ties which are supplied with the windsock.

Falcon Lace-On Windsock swivel cage illustration
Falcon Lace-On Windsock

Available Sizes for Falcom Lace-On Windsocks:

Size (Imperial) Size (Metric) Usage
4FT 120cm Amateur Airfield
5FT 150cm Small Airfield, Industrial
7FT 210cm Standard Airport, Industrial
12FT 360cm
Large Airport, Industrial
14FT 400cm Extra Large Airport, Industrial



Falcon Lace-On Windsock Scale Diagram

Key Product Features:

  • Lace-on design which limits the amount of accessories and set-up required
  • Water resistant florescent orange fabric
  • Suitable for industrial and aviation applications
  • High tensile and tear strength for durability
  • Manufactured in Britain to offer superior quality

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