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Economy Windsock

Our Economy Windsock is a high quality yet economically priced option for a wide range of industrial and amateur applications. It is suitable for use on a temporary or permanent basis and utilises a standard 'snap-on' karabina type harness for immediate attachment to a standard swivel arm.

Made with water repellent treated 115gsm PU coated polyester fabric, this windsock comes in fluorescent orange to EN471 specification. The harness is made from PVC coated galvanised steel wire with a breaking strain of 580kg. The wire rope grips are galvanised and the karabina is BTP zinc plated to help against corrosion and weather damage.

The Economy Windsock is an ideal choice for your first windsock, as it is versatile for all types of usage, is made to industry specifications and yet remains one of the most affordable on the market. It’s also one of the easiest models to install.

This Economy Windsock is an ideal low-cost solution for most non-extreme applications. If you require something more robust, please consider our Falcon Premium and Heavy Duty ranges.


Ecomony Windsock Orange Sky

Available Sizes for Economy Windsocks:

Size (Imperial) Size (Metric) Usage
2FT 60cm Temporary, Emergency, Gliding, Microlite, Drones
4FT 120cm Amateur Airfield
5FT 150cm Small Airfield, Industrial
7FT 210cm Standard Airport, Industrial
12FT 360cm
Large Airport, Industrial


economy Windsock Scale Diagram

Key Features

  • High-quality windsock manufactured in the UK, available in 5 sizes
  • Designed to find onto all standard swivel arms
  • Zinc plated swivel snap hook to prevent corrosion and weather damage
  • Galvanised steel wire rope harness for extra strength
  • PU coated florescent orange polyester fabric which is water resistant and meets EN471 specification.

Honest Advice and Guidance

If you have any questions about the Economy Windsock or any other products in our range, please get in touch with our friendly team. With over two decades experience in the windsock industry, we can ask the right questions about your windsock needs and recommend the best option for you. We’re not here to upsell – it’s just free, honest expert advice which is all part of the Windsocks Direct service.