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Falcon Heavy Duty Windsock

Introducing an industry first. The Falcon Heavy Duty Windsock is the most robust and resilient windsock available. Falcon went back to the drawing board to design a windsock with two key features: utmost longevity and absolute weather resilience. The result is the strongest windsock in the world in a lightweight construction.

The fabric is a bespoke manufactured chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber which is normally used in extreme marine applications and is highly resistant to extreme weather, high intensity UV light, temperature extremes and chemicals. The harness, karabina connector and mouth hoop are made from unbreakable marine grade 316 stainless steel.

This windsock far exceeds all aviation and industrial requirements and is also ideal for installations where regular windsock replacement is difficult, due to its extended longevity.

This windsock utilises a standard 'snap-on' karabina type harness for immediate attachment to a standard swivel arm.


Heavy Duty Windsock


  • Fluorescent orange to EN471
  • Water & Weather resistant to EN343
  • High Tensile & Tear strength to BS EN ISO 1421 & ISO 4674-A1
  • Marine Grade (AISI316) stainless steel components (corrosion-proof; resistant to salt-water & chemicals)
  • HSE COMAH compliant

Available Sizes:

Size (Imperial) Size (Metric) Usage
2FT 60cm Temporary, Emergency, Gliding, Microlite, Drones
4FT 120cm Amateur Airfield
5FT 150cm Small Airfield, Heavy Industrial, Energy Installation
7FT 210cm Standard Airport, Heavy Industrial, Energy Installation
12FT 360cm
Large Airport, Heavy Industrial, Energy Installation
14FT 400cm Extra Large Airport, Heavy Industrial, Energy Installation


Windsock Scale Diagram