Windsock Types and Uses

Windsocks Direct is the UK’s leading expert on windsocks and accessories, with all of our windsocks manufactured in-house, here in Britain. We stock a comprehensive range of lace-on and snap-on windsocks including our Falcon heavy duty windsock; the most resilient and long-lasting windsock available in the world.  All of our Windsock types are available in a variety of sizes and some can be customised further as promotional windsocks to include company logos or wording.

The most popular windsock type is the 'snap-on', named because of its karabina type snap hook which allows the windsock itself clip onto any standard swivel arm.  The swivel arm then slots into a standard windsock pole.  This setup gives the windsock full freedom of movement and ability to react to current wind conditions. These types of windsocks are easy to install and offer stability in a range of sizes, for amateur or heavy duty applications. 

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We also stock Lace-on Windsocks, which are designed to lace over the mouth of a swivel cage, and are generally used in commercial aviation and heavy-duty applications. These types of windsock systems are generally more suited to larger windsocks and require a robust swivel cage rather than a swivel arm.

Take a look at our collection of top grade quality windsocks and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re not sure which one to purchase for your specific requirements. Our team can offer tailored advice to make sure you understand the differences between our products and also guide you through the installation process.

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Important Notes about Windsocks Types and their Uses

It’s very important you purchase the correct attachments and accessories to allow your windsock to function properly. We’ve made it as simple as possible on each windsock product page as we include information on what attachment you need for each windsock.

Generally you’ll need a windsock pole (temporary or permanent) and the recommended type of swivel system (swivel cage or swivel arm). Permanent windsock poles are extremely durable so even if you need to replace a windsock, you can usually keep the existing pole. If you are buying a brand new windsock system then you will need to purchase all three components but we offer discounts when buying windsock systems together.

Take a look at our choice of windsock poles and windsock swivel systems to accompany your windsock. Our buying guide also features some great advice from the Windsock Direct experts!