Temporary Windsock Poles

As industry leaders in windsocks and windsock poles, we offer an extensive range of poles for permanent and temporary use. From budget to heavy duty, amateur to commercial applications, we’ve got you covered. Browse our range of temporary windsock poles below and get in touch if you have any questions about an individual product.

Why Choose Temporary Windsock Poles?

Temporary windsock poles are ideal for situations where you may need a rapid but compliant windsock solution. For example, you may be travelling to a new location for amateur aviation purposes such as drone flying or kite flying, and need to measure the wind speed and conditions.

Temporary windsock poles are also very versatile and can be installed onto vehicles or on soft ground or even be completely freestanding, whereas permanent poles often need professional installation with a concrete base.

We would not recommend a temporary windsock pole if you require an ongoing, professional windsock system. However, if you require a portable or semi-permanent solution for quickly installing a windsock, our temporary poles are the ideal back-up.

Other Windsock Accessories

Don’t forget that you may need to purchase other windsock accessories for correct configuration. Find out which windsocks are compatible with the temporary pole you choose to purchase, and take advantage of our 50% off deal when you buy a windsock and pole together. We’ll also let you know what type of swivel system you’ll need depending on which temporary windsock pole you require.