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Falcon Striped Windsock

The Falcon Striped Windsock is superior in every way to almost all windsocks available on the market today. Made with premium 200gsm polyurethane coated polyester to EN471-2003 with high tensile & tear strength and water resistance to EN343, this windsock is designed for durability and resilience and utilises a standard 'snap-on' karabina type harness for immediate attachment to a standard swivel arm.

The harness is pre-fabricated from PVC coated galvanised steel wire rope bonded using aluminium ferrules and connected to a zinc plated BTP snap hook. All the components used in this model have been selected for their resilience to weather damage and corrosion.

This windsock comes in a red and white striped configuration to EN471 which is popular in certain regions, particularly for aviation.


Striped Windsock

Available Sizes:

Size (Imperial) Size (Metric) Usage
4FT 120cm Amateur Airfield
5FT 150cm Small Airfield
7FT 210cm Standard Airport
12FT 360cm
Large Airport
14FT 400cm Extra Large Airport


Striped Windsock Scale Diagram