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Permanent Wall Pole

In some circumstances, it is acceptable to install a windsock onto a wall pole rather than a pole mast which is cemented into the ground. If you’re looking for a cheaper and simpler alternative to a permanent ground pole, then our Permanent Wall Pole could be the solution.

This 3.2m pole simply attaches to any flat-roofed building with the four supplied bolts (professional installation is always recommended). We recommend allowing approximately 2m of pole clearance from the top of the building to ensure the windsock is able to accurately react to the existing wind conditions.

Product Detail

Pole length: 3.2m
Pole diameter: 45mm

The Permanent Wall Pole is available in two materials – White Painted White Steel or 316 Stainless Steel.  For more extreme conditions the stainless steel is recommended, as it is weather-resistant and a more robust model.


Painted Mild Steel:

Permanent Wall Pole in wind illustration

Permanent Wall Pole and windsock wall mount illustation


Stainless Steel:

stainless steel Permanent Wall Pole

Permanent Wall Pole

The Permanent Wall Pole is only designed to be used on flat-roof buildings and on installation you need to make sure there is 2m of pole clearance for the windsock. Fitting the wall pole too low down will have an impact on the effectiveness of the windsock and can, therefore, jeopardise safety. Unless you already have a swivel arm, you will also need to purchase the swivel arm with this pole in order to attach the windsock.

Windsock Options

If you don’t already have your own windsock to attach to the wall mounted pole mast, you can enjoy a 50% discount when purchasing these together at Windsocks Direct. Simply choose the size of windsock you require when ordering – please note we do not recommend using a windsock over 5ft with this style of pole. If you have a larger windsock, take a look at our other permanent and temporary windsock poles.

Delivery Information

Our permanent wall mounted windsock pole is usually in stock and waiting to be shipped, so standard delivery for this product is 2-3 days. However, always contact us if you have an expected delivery date in mind. As with all of our products, this pole is manufactured in Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.