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Deployable Wall Mounted Pole

Our Deployable Wall Mounted Windsock Pole is very similar to our deployable free-standing pole, except it is designed to affix to the side of a building via wall brackets and therefore does not include a tripod base.

It is an ideal temporary or semi-permanent solution for erecting a windsock. The building provides the stability to the pole which is extended (via the included handpump) beyond the top of the building until it has enough clearance to allow freedom of movement for the windsock.

Because the pole is extended via the handpump and is affixed to the building at its base, the whole system can be deployed from the ground, without any need to access the upper levels of the building.

The mast is constructed from 3" diameter 3.25mm wall aircraft grade aluminium alloy, with keyed sections to prevent rotation and improve stability. The mast is extended through the in-built handpump and extends in a matter of seconds, with very little armpower required.

The top of the mast includes a marine-grade stainless steel windsock swivel arm, to allow full freedom of rotation, allowing the windsock to immediately react to the prevailing wind conditions. This is compatible with any of our snap-on windsocks (which simply clips onto the eyelet of the swivel arm) up to 7FT (210cm) in length. We do not recommend using any larger windsocks on this system.

This pole is constructed from highly resilient materials and is suitable to be left out in the open indefinitely. It has been tested to a temperature range of -40C to +55C.

If you purchase a windsock at the same time as this mast, you will save 50% on our usual windsock pricing.

Please note, these masts are built to order, therefore there is an 8 week lead time on delivery. Units are packed securely in wooden casing and include a 3 year warranty (parts & labour).