airport Windsock Swivel Arm
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Windsock Swivel Arm

A Windsock Swivel Arm is required when attaching a 'snap-on' type windsock to any compatible pole. One end of the Windsock Swivel Arm attaches to the top of the pole and the other end has a large eyelet where the windsock clips onto. This setup gives the windsock full freedom of movement, allowing it to accurately respond to the changing wind conditions, whilst the length of the arm distances the windsock from the pole to ensure it does not become entangled.

You may need to purchase a separate windsock swivel arm if you have chosen a pole which doesn’t come with the swivel arm supplied as standard. All Windsocks Direct permanent poles include the correct swivel arm for your windsock application.

Windsock Swivel Arm'Slot-in' Windsock Swivel Arm