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Airport Pole

Our Frangible Airport Windsock Pole is made from frangible fibreglass which will disintegrate on impact, thereby causing minimum damage if struck by an aircraft.

The fibreglass is reinforced with polyester resin to a white & red striped weather-resistant finish and is tapered from 115m to 75mm. The tapered design is more attractive than a tubular design and gives the pole more strength.

airport windsock pole

As with all our poles, this pole features a hinged reinforced steel baseplate allowing it to be tilted down to the ground for easy windsock replacement.

The top of the pole includes a robust swivel arm which allows the windsock freedom of movement to respond to the prevailing wind conditions.

The pole is secured to the ground via a concrete foundation (concrete not supplied) and must therefore be installed by a qualified contractor or builder. Three foundation bolts (supplied) fully secure the pole to the concrete base. The depth of the concrete base is dependent on pole height (see below table).

airport windsock pole folding

When selecting your pole requirements, please specify the required pole Height. If you also require a Windsock, select one here and you will save 50% on our usual price.

We can supply non-illuminated or illuminated poles. Illuminated poles are a requirement for runways operating during darkness. Our illuminated windsock pole is mains powered, but we are also able to quote for battery and solar powered systems on request.

Available Sizes:

Pole Height Required Concrete Depth
3m 80cm
4m 80cm
5m 80cm
6m 80cm
8m 100cm
10m 120cm
12m 140cm


Recommended concrete density (for normal to heavy wind conditions): C35.

Lead time: poles are made to order and are usually delivered within seven working days.