How To Set Up Windsocks With Poles & Swivel Arms

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There are many difference windsock systems on the market today, and the set-up is slightly different. Some windsocks are designed for certain industries and operations, and some are built to be more durable for hostile weather conditions. The pole and other accessories required depend on the type of windsock installation you choose.

How To Set Up Windsocks Poles

If you are buying a windsock for the first time then you will also need to purchase a pole to attach it to. A windsock is just the fabric itself, but it needs to be installed properly to work as it should.

There are a variety of temporary and permanent windsock poles to choose from – freestanding poles, wall mounted poles and vehicle poles for portable windsocks. You can also pick from a range of innovative materials and designs, including heavy-duty aluminium poles or specific airport poles.

How To Set Up Windsocks Swivel Systems

To set up a windsock you will also need a swivel system – the two most popular are the swivel arm and the swivel cage. The swivel system attaches the windsock to the pole, keeping it secure and allowing it to swivel freely around the mast at 360˚, which is very important for measuring wind direction.

A good swivel system is also required to stop the fabric getting tangled around the pole and becoming damaged. Certain windsocks are designed to be fitted with a specific swivel system, so it’s always best to check which one you need. A swivel arm system is the most simple set up, and ideal if the windsock doesn’t need illumination. There is a harness on one end of the windsock which is fitted to the swivel arm with a snap hook.

A swivel cage is a large metal cage which the windsock is attached to using two rings. The windsock is pulled over the cage and attached at the end with cable ties or cord. This system is often used for illuminated windsocks.

How To Set Up Windsocks

The process of setting up your windsock will depend on which swivel system and fixing type you choose. A harness style system will be used for a swivel arm, and with a swivel cage there will be a single band of eyelets which are secured to the mast usually with cable ties. If you have any questions about the installation, please contact us so we can advise on your individual windsock system.

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