Windsocks: Swivel Arm vs Swivel Cage

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Once you have bought a windsock, you won’t actually be able to use it unless you first configure it with two other components: a windsock pole and a swivel system. At Windsocks Direct, we allow you to buy all three components – either separately or as a complete set. 

However, the question of which swivel system to use could trigger a lot of confusion. The two most popular types of swivel system are the swivel arm and swivel cage. You should ask yourself a series of particular questions, as cited in this article, to help yourself to settle on the best choice of system.

How large a windsock do you need?

We stock windsocks for all sectors that require them, but different situations can call for different sizes of windsock. For relatively small sites like farms, highways and firing ranges, we advise you to choose a windsock measuring between two and seven feet in length.

Meanwhile, CAA CAP168 regulations require each international airport and licensed aerodrome to have, installed on the premises, at least one windsock measuring 12 feet or more in length.

We have further advice on how to choose an appropriate size of windsock for your needs. Knowing the right size can help you to choose the swivel system, too, as swivel cages can be especially suitable for larger windsocks, whereas swivel arms can suffice for windsocks of various sizes.

How else do these swivel systems differ?

The windsock type likely to be most suitable for your particular needs is the “snap-on”, as this is the most popular type of windsock. It features a snap hook which lets you clip the windsock onto a standard swivel arm. That arm, in turn, can be slotted into a standard windsock pole.

The whole setup process is largely as easy as these steps suggest – and, once completed, allows the windsock to move fully freely as it is blown by the wind. A swivel cage, meanwhile, includes a mouth over which a “lace-on” windsock is designed to be laced as it is attached.

If you need your windsocks to be illuminated, as you obviously could for their nighttime use, then opt for windsocks that are compatible with swivel cages.

How we can extend a further helping hand

If you remain uncertain which swivel system would be best for a windsock currently in your possession, we can advise. You can call us on 020 8798 3131 to receive some crucial pointers.

On the other hand, you might not yet have sourced a windsock but are considering doing so from Windsocks Direct. Rest assured that, on the product page of each windsock that we offer, we detail what attachment is necessary. We stock windsocks, swivel arms and swivel cages.

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