What Are the Different Types of Permanent Ground Poles Available?

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Depending on the specific purpose for which it is to be used, there are a wide array of different windsock sizes and styles available. In order to achieve optimum safety and performance, it’s important to ensure you install your windsock atop a ground pole of the right strength and height for its purpose.

At Windsocks Direct, we have over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, selling and installing windsocks for a variety of purposes. All of our models meet national and international standards and our permanent ground poles come in a range of materials, ensuring there is something to meet all needs and budgets. Here are the different types of permanent ground poles available from Windsocks Direct today:

Budget Mild Steel Pole

Made from galvanised mild steel, this sturdy pole is a robust and affordable solution for those who need a permanent windsock in place at all times but do not require a more heavy-duty alternative. It is resilient against corrosion and general wear-and-tear from the elements.

Heavy-Duty Aluminium Pole

The strongest and hardest wearing pole in our range, this heavy-duty option is made from high-grade, high-tensile 6082 aluminium metal which is designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions and afford maximum resistance to corrosion and weather damage.

Frangible Fibreglass Pole

Manufactured from frangible fibreglass, this pole is specially designed to disintegrate under substantial impact, making it the safest choice for a landing strip or other aviation purpose where collision with an aircraft is a possibility. It is reinforced with polyester resin to give it optimum weather resistance and an aesthetically pleasing white finish, while the tapered design (from 75mm to 115mm from top to bottom) combines durability with attractiveness.

Airport Pole

This alternative is exactly the same as the frangible fibreglass pole – except that it has been given a white and red ringed finish, designed to withstand the elements and achieve maximum visibility. For this reason, it’s the perfect choice for an airport location.

Permanent Wall Pole

Need a permanent windsock but want a more affordable solution than a traditional pole? This wall-mounted alternative is perfect for any building with a flat-topped roof and can extend up to 3.2m (a minimum of 2m roof clearance is recommended to ensure optimal performance). It is available in mild steel (with a white finish) or 316 stainless steel (for added weather resistance and durability).

Installation and component parts

With the exception of the permanent wall pole, all of our poles come with a hinged steel baseplate, sturdy swivel arm and three foundation bolts as standard. They require installation via a concrete foundation (concrete not included) and therefore need a qualified builder or contract to install them.

The wall-mounted pole comes with installation bolts as part of the package, though professional installation is recommended. Swivel arms are sold separately. As with all of the poles mentioned above, there is a 50% discount on windsocks if you purchase at the same time.

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