Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter
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Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter

The innovative Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter is the ideal on-the-go solution for measuring wind speed and gauging weather conditions. Simply attach it to a Smartphone, and when used in combination with the free app, it provides a plethora of information about wind speed, wind direction, weather conditions, location and more. The handy device fits into the headphone jack of most Apple and Android models.

The Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter is particularly useful for amateur aviation, drone-flying, gliding, kiting, watersports and determining wind speed and direction of an erected windsock. It is also useful as an emergency device in the event of a fire, to advise fire services of wind speed and direction.

There are two different versions available. Please read the descriptions and specifications below to determine which model would be most suitable for you.

Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter


The Vaavud Mjolnir determines wind speed using two rotating cups with internal magnets. It is highly pocketable and extremely rugged.

  • 2-20 m/s wind speed with 4% precision
  • No wind direction
  • 0,1 m/s of resolution
  • Omnidirectional
  • Magnets (no electronics)
  • Super rugged
  • 20x112x59mm
  • 17 grams

Smartphone Windmeter


The Vaavud Sleipnir determines wind speed and direction using two curved blades. The internal optic sensor records 44,100 measurements per second allowing for extreme accuracy.

  • 2-40 m/s wind speed with 4% precision
  • Wind direction with + - 4% precision
  • 0,1 m/s of resolution
  • Omni-directional
  • Built-in electronic sensor
  • Super resilient
  • 22x45x83 mm
  • 14 grams in weight

Vaavud App

Smartphone Windmeter Smartphone Windmeter Smartphone WindmeterSmartphone Windmeter

Guidance and Advice

If you’re unsure about what kind of windmeter you require or have any other questions about measuring weather conditions, our team are here to help. We are industry leaders in a wide range of windsocks and all windsock accessories including pole masts and swivel arms.

Whether you require a windmeter or a windsock for legal and safety reasons or just need guidance for amateur aviation, we’ll be happy to discuss your options.