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Handheld Windmeter and Anemometers

Windsocks Direct's Handheld Windmeter and Anemometers is a professional digital wind measuring instrument with a large backlit LCD screen and multiple measurement ranges and functions. Also known as an anemometer, it is the ideal partner for any windsock setup as it can be used to determine the exact wind speed of a windsock at a particular angle.

The device can be hand-held or fixed in place and has hold, min/max functions and a low battery indicator. It is simple to read and gives an accurate measure of wind speed for situations when you need to be precise. Our digital anemometer is suitable for industrial use across all sectors, as well as personal and leisurely use including kite flying and drone safety.

Product Detail and Specifications

  • Power supply: 9V Battery (Included)
  • m/s (meter per second): 0.40~30.0 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • ft/s (feet per second): 1.30-98.50 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • ft/m (feet per minute): 80~5900 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • km/h (kilometer per hour): 1.4~108.0 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • mile/h (mile per hour): 0.9~67.0 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • Knots (nautical miles per hour): 0.8~58.0 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • CFM: 0 to 99990 0 to 9.999ft2
  • CMM: 0 to 99990 0 to 9.999ft2
  • CMS: 0 to 9999 0 - 9.999 m2
  • Flow Area Setting: √
  • MAX/MIN Function: √
  • Display Backlight: √
  • Auto Power Off (Energy Saving): √
  • Low Battery Indicator: √

Professional Guidance and Advice

Windsocks Direct is the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of windsocks and accessories, so we’re well placed to offer free professional advice for your project.

Whether you’re buying a windsock for the first time or need to understand the main differences between each windsock pole, our friendly staff are here to help. If you have any questions about the digital anemometer or any other product, contact us today.